A bit of history on why this site ends up here.

Dear Readers of scilab.ninja and dew.ninja

In case you wonder why these two sites are moved (and controlsystemslab.com and mushindynamics.com are gone). Here is my explanation.

I created these sites a couple of years ago as a public resource for control engineering and embedded systems. I used share host services from webhostinghub and later Bluehost and were willing to pay some affordable fees. Once in a while they informed me of excessive bandwidth and shut down my sites momentarily, all of them were WordPress-based. I installed WPSuperCache plugin and it seemed to help judging from no further complaint from them.

Here comes a new issue, malware attack. This time my account is deactivated indefinitely until I remove all the infected files, as many as 98. The latest email ends with a threat.

You may be asked to find a new hosting provider if your account is deactivated three times within a 60-day period.

Thank you,

Bluehost Support

Great! It sounds like I have intentionally violated their terms by planting malware to 98 files on my sites. Am I that malicious?

So I think I have enough with this. Apparently it must be user’s fault anytime a problem happening with my account. Am I blamed for not considering their sitelock package for some additional fee? Now my sites are held as hostages.

My choices are to delete and restore the files with my outdated backup and praying no evil would attack it again, or to move to a new site.

After some serious consideration, I settle on the latter. Even though I bought a 5-year plan from Bluehost that covers until 2022. I am completely dissatisfied with their poor service and do not want to waste my precious time with them anymore.

In fact, from a user’s viewpoint, I do not think they have done enough to protect a customer from such malware attack. I have used free services from Blogger and WordPress for some years and never have these annoying problems.

So here we are. While the moving is in process, you may find broken links here and there. Sorry for such inconvenience. They will be fixed.

If you’re like me, an engineer or scientist with limited free time who wants to share information on internet by your own, I suggest you avoid low-cost web hosting services out there. I never have good experience with any. And the worst is this Bluehost. You’ll do better nowadays with available free blog sites, with no deactivation, hassle or threat, provided that your site is legitimate. Above all, I cannot sense any performance difference between paid shared hosts and free services.

Best Regards,

Varodom Toochinda, Ph.D

Web Author

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