This is an official page for RTSX (Robotic Tools for Scilab/Xcos), an open-source software written in Scilab language to support robot analysis and control courses. The toolset is inspired by Robotic Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink by P.I.Corke and share a similar set of core commands and functionality, though there are also differences in certain parts of the software.

RTSX version 1.0 is now available for free download on RTSX download page, and it will remain free ’til its demise (or the developer ‘s, whichever comes first). To help you get started, the first three chapters of the e-book and command reference appendix “Robot Analysis and Control with Scilab and RTSX” are provided for free download. They are already included in the RTSX zip file under /doc/RACSR subdirectory.

Getting Started

RTSX is delivered as a zip file. There is no installer. You simply unzip the package somewhere on your computer, change current directory of Scilab to the parent of the new directory created by the zip file, and issue the startup script


to load all functions to Scilab workspace. Then run the demo to make sure that RTSX works properly


Pop up a beer! (You may start with this first. LOL)